Kinesiology is a form of rehabilitative therapy that focuses on exercise and movement to heal injuries and chronic conditions.

man lying on floor near man standing holding his leg
man lying on floor near man standing holding his leg

Our comprehensive services include personalized training programs, injury recovery plans, and kinesiology rehabilitation. We are committed to helping you achieve your fitness and wellness goals.

Injured in a car accident? ICBC fully covers Kinesiology rehabilitation services and we directly bill ICBC.

Improving Coordination and Balance

Through personalized exercise programs, our kinesiologists will work with you to improve coordination and balance.

Personal Training

Using a personalized approach, our kinesiologists can develop a plan to increase muscular strength, endurance, and general health.

Maintaining Health and General Mobility

Kinesiology can help prevent injury through regular exercise and strength development.

Motor Disorder Management

Our kinesiologists will develop an exercise plan to improve and maintain motor function.

Injury Rehabilitation

Through exercise and movement, we will make a comprehensive plan to overcome various injuries.

Funding Sources

We are an authorized health service provider for public and private insurance companies. We offer direct billing to most insurance companies, including ICBC, Blue Cross, and to government programs like Veterans Affairs Canada. We also provide therapy services to private clients and organizations. Please contact us for specific questions regarding funding.

Is getting to an appointment outside of your home a barrier for you to receive therapy?

Our therapists work in clinic and in the community; this means, we can come to your home directly.