Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists have a wide scope of practice and offer solutions for a large variety of injuries and illnesses. From car accident recovery to stroke, spinal cord, and chronic conditions, Occupational Therapy offers function focused rehabilitation.

Medical and Office Equipment

People of all ages can benefit from home equipment. Whether it be to improve the safety of your home for your loved-one or for optimizing your home office to reduce a chronic injury, there is a solution.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs)

Our therapists are trained in conducting Functional Capacity Evaluations to determine a client's ability to return to work.

Concussion Rehab and Brain Injuries

We have specialized tools, training, and experience to offer you the best care and recovery from concussions and head injuries. Fraser River Rehab has partnered with Creyos Brain Science to provide tools that we may use to assess your concussion and cognitive impact. Take a sample assessment here.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Using a function based, activities centred approach, Occupational Therapy is recognized as a leading form of stroke rehabilitation. Working with clients in their home, hospital, gyms or even pools, Fraser River Rehab has helped many clients regain independence after life altering strokes.

Workplace Accidents and Return to Work Planning

Our therapists help clients recover from all manner of workplace accidents and liaise regularly with employers to see clients return to work and other meaningful daily activities.

Post-Hospital Discharge

We work with clients to return safely home with the tools, equipment, and resources they need after being discharged from the hospital.

Pediatric Care

Our therapists love working with kids! Occupational Therapy can be the right solution for a child with developmental delays, autism, ADHD, or physical disabilities. Our therapists "get on their level" and work with parents and guardians to let kids get back to being kids.

Car Accidents

We provide rehabilitation to clients recovering from car accidents. We are an authorized ICBC service provider and bill ICBC directly.

Is getting to an appointment outside of your home a barrier for you to receive therapy?

Our therapists work in clinic and in the community; this means, we can come to your home directly.

Funding Sources

We are an authorized health service provider for public and private insurance companies. We offer direct billing to most insurance companies, including ICBC, Blue Cross, and to government programs like Veterans Affairs Canada. We also provide therapy services to private clients and organizations. Please contact us for specific questions regarding funding.