High quality care is foundational to everything we do at Fraser River Rehab. Please see our services listed below and contact us for any specific rehab needs you have.

Home and Office Equipment

People of all ages can benefit from home equipment. Whether it be to improve the safety of your home for your loved-one or for optimizing your home office to reduce a chronic injury, there is a solution.

Personal Training

At Fraser River Rehab, we are pleased to offer some of the highest quality and affordable solutions to your fitness goals. From running and swimming, to weight training and cardiovascular improvement, we will work together to achieve your fitness and health goals.

Concussion Rehab and Head Injuries

At Fraser River Rehab, we have specialized tools, training, and experience to offer you the best care and recovery from concussions and head injuries. Fraser River Rehab has partnered with Creyos Brain Science to provide tools that we may use to assess your concussion and cognitive impact. Take a sample assessment here.

Is OT right for your recovery? Occupational therapy offers a solution for a large variety of injuries and illnesses. From car accident recovery to stroke, spinal cord, and chronic conditions, OT offers function focused rehabilitation. Contact us to discuss your situation and your rehab goals.

person in white and orange pants wearing white nike sneakers
person in white and orange pants wearing white nike sneakers

All our services are carried out to the highest standards and are offered at the most competitive rates possible. If you’re interested in a specific rehabilitation practice or technique, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll discuss your options.